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Niche Scent

Distinctive scents that will complete your own 

Perfume Collection

Passioned beyond measure of niche, indie collections and artisan ingredients, we decided to blend them all together under a concept, and so we established NicheScent brand in 2017.

At the very beginning, was just about a small on-line shop; but soon after that, it turned into a decadent-fine-smelling corner, where bold and impressive perfume bottles found their perfect place to be. All fragrances shelved at NicheScent are distinctive not only by smell, but by original blends, history and olfactory structure.

We opened our first store in 2020 in Arad and another one in 2023 in Bucharest.

Every extract we choose to sell in our shop is thoughtfully chosen from a wide range of exquisite and limited perfume collections.

Even though perfume industry is well-known for its fast-changing pathway and an impressive swing of new releases (about 1200 new scents launched every year), we sticked to the highest standards our vision is driven by. Therefore, we keep on choosing creations signed by independent houses and designed by well known artists, who put their passions and spirit in every molecule they bottle.

Because Niche perfumery is definitely about making a bow to the highest standards of fine creation and we truly believe it!

These scents are a call to uniqueness, a door you can go through if you want to smell awesome and also be easily to distinguish.

This is why, niche scents never loose themselves between the yearly trends. They set the trends! You will not find them in big retail stores and they will never compete against mass-market juices.

Due to the high percentage of essential oils, you will find them in Extract formulas, limited editioned (sometimes with numbered labeles) and always splashing in exquisite ingredients. 

Sometimes, niche creations are described as weird, unspecific, extravagant, but here is the loudest secret they hide:

You don`t have to choose a niche scent because you fell in love at first smell, but because you took a while and spent time wearing it. In order to like it deeply, you have to firstly know and understand it. And here is the thing: Your deepest personal features become the key of your final choice. Because…

The relationship between you and your scent

 is as important as any relationship of your life

This is why, we invite you to to explore a fragrance, not only to sniff it. To take your time, to get used to it and later to decide if that bottle is the one you want to take home.

A luxurious blend will always surprise you and once you wear it, it will envelop you and make your presence louder.

Meet us in our shops from Bucharest and Arad to uncurtain a new approach of niche perfumery!

Flavius Călaj

Founder and Creative Owner NicheScent